MMI (Psychokinesis or PK)

Mind-matter interaction, sometimes called psychokinesis (PK) and once known as telekinesis, is the ability of the mind to influence matter. Examples of PK include but not limited to:

INSTRUMENTAL TRANSCOMMUNICATION: The purported communication by discarnate beings through an assortment of electronic devices, which may depend at least partly on the mediumship of human operators. It includes electronic voice phenomena (EVPs) on audiotape and videotape.

POLTERGEIST PHENOMENA: human stress-related PK including raps, the production of lights, object movement, and a host of other activities.

THOUGHTOGRAPHY (also called psychic photography): the projected of mental images onto film, photographic plates, or digital media.

THE PLACEBO EFFECT: The placebo effect is a medical phenomenon where the results of a medical treatment are affected by the patient’s ideas about how effective the treatment is. The term is especially used when a patient responds dramatically to a physiologically inactive treatment. Inactive treatments used to induce the placebo effect are called placebos; inert “sugar” pills and sham surgeries are typical examples.

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