Extra Sensory Perception (ESP)

Extrasensory perception (or ESP) is the ability to transfer information between individuals by means other than the 5 classic senses.

TELEPATHY: The mind-to-mind transmission of information.
CHANNELING: This is where a psychic medium directly acquires mind-to-mind information from a non-human (or non-living) source.
CLAIRVOYANCE: Literally “seeing” a distant place, which now days may involve remote viewing (a set of techniques for acquiring that information).
CLAIRAUDIENCE: Literally “hearing” ESP information, i.e. it comes as sound.
CLAIRSENTIENCE: “feeling” ESP information.
OUT-OF-BODY EXPERIENCES (OBEs): Often considered “astral” travel, it is the experience of your consciousness being at a different location than your physical body.
PRECOGNITION: Which can involve “seeing” or other wise “knowing” the future, often this may involve dreams.
PSYCHOMETRY: Being able to sense information that appears to be somehow stored on objects (or sometimes locations as “place memory”).
RETROCOGNITION: Viewing past places and events, very handy for archeologists and historians.

ESP appears to be a universal, if often weak, ability. Some factors seem to promote it, such as feelings of close emotional connection to another person, place or thing. Altered states of consciousness, such as hypnosis, meditation and dreaming, also appear to enhance ESP.

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