Cathy Towle

Cathy Towle is an internationally recognized medium, astrologer, business coach, and paranormal investigator. She is a research medium and is certified by the Forever Family Foundation. Cathy has always been fascinated by the paranormal. “As a kid, I lived next to a cemetery and it really freaked me out when I saw stuff. I definitely reacted by stuffing it all down.” Her talents remained in the background until college, where they emerged full force in a parapsychology class at Boston College. One day, she tried palm reading, and “knew” how to do it with out ever learning. She started getting messages from a couple of entities that lived in her parent’s house. Over the ensuing years, Cathy’s talents grew alongside her other talent, graphic design, in which she worked for many years.

 Moved by the tragic events of 9-11, she left a successful design business to enroll in the One Spirit Interfaith Seminary. “I felt my talents were needed in an ever changing world, where the supernatural was about to collide with the rational world. I thought people were going to need a guide/spiritual sherpa and I’d better learn how to do that.” Cathy began developing classes about intuition and the supernatural, as well as shamanic practice and energy healing, which she teaches in NYC. She has worked with Deepak Chopra’s Global Leadership Initiative, the Center for Integrative Wellness, Andrew Harvey and The Institute for Sacred Activism (where she was Executive Director) where she got to bring her marketing and intuition together to create interesting projects for many audiences.

 Cathy joined Dan and the gang this year at the Merchant’s House Investigation and absolutely loves paranormal investigation. “Working as a medium in the field is great, because I am providing the investigators with a different perspective. I have done research before, so I am familiar with protocol and evidential based readings. I sort of get to be in my element!”

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