Please listen to the loud metalic “clank,” as Gordon is speaking.  Notice how he and Ray Sette don’t seem to hear the noise or make mention of it during an EVP session as is common practice.  This noise was only picked up on one recorder, neither of the recorders that Ray and Gordon were holding recorded this noise. 

  The girl who lived in this apartment complained about hearing things in the kitchen.  Dishes rattling and the window opening and closing.  The buzzing you hear is the Natural TriField Meter buzzing on the window sill.  I inherited the teapot.

 With Paranormal Ivestigation of NYC.  Dom Villella and I were able to recreate the “scream,” heard toward the end of this video.  Listen closely and watch the reflection of the door shutting.  It’s air escaping the piston of the screen door as it closes. 


 Cool, dust orb video.  The dust moves around the camera due to the heat coming off the infrared light. 

  Watch the flash of light in middle of the frame to the right.  Empty room, back of the house, no outside light coming in the window.  This was a room where the home owner’s Aunt had passed away a few months earlier.  All investigators were in the basement at the time this was recorded.

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