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Fleming EVP (complete audio)

Fleming EVP (boosted)

The above audio clips were recorded by good friend Chris Fleming while we were filming a television show in Valencia, Ca.  The house was reported to have a ton of activity, reported by extremely credible people living in the home.  During a break from filming one of the tech people reported that a door leading from the room he and the set paramedic were in started to jiggle back and forth, like someone was trying to open the locked door.  Chris immediately began recording with a run of the mill audio recorder.  When Chris records for EVP he asks a single question, leaves a space for an answer and then listens to the recording right there.  This was only recorded on the recorder Chris was holding and was witnessed by at least 12 people, all on camera so we were able to confirm nobody else was speaking.  The first file is the actual audio and the second is only the EVP with a small db boost.  Highlight the area between the asteriks to see what we believe is said.

***Yes, look over here***

Natural EMF at MHM

Well, technically this isn’t an EVP but it’s a pretty great example of what could be an instance of PK or an example of some kind of intelligence.  The buzzing is coming from a Natural Tri-field meter, an insturment that measures fluctuations in the Natual Electromagnetic Field.  Pay particular close attention to how many times I say “blue box,” because, as you might have guessed, the meter is blue and box like.


Eastern State

The above clip was recorded at Eastern State Penitentiary during a investigation with Paranormal Investigation of NYC that was being filmed for Spike TV.  I had a bass drum microphone connected directly to my laptop computer.  The microphone was placed in a cell located in the original cellblock of the penitentiary.  All attempts to recreate by myself and Dom Villella failed.  We had the complex to ourselves and were able to account for all team members whereabouts with the help of the time stamped footage of the film crew.  Please highlight the area between the two asterisks to reveal what we believe is being said.

***My house, My house….My Home***

MHM Clip 1

MHM Clip 2

This next EVP is from The Merchant’s House Museum here in NYC.  I have an entire section dedicated to the 3+ year investigation of the MHM that will have a more detailed description of this clip.  For this page I will just post the audio.  This first clip is the audio without any modification.  The second clip is boosted to make it easier to hear without headphone.  Again, this second clip has been modified.  Highlight the area between the two asterisks to read what we believe has been recorded.

***I am not afraid***


Footsteps 1

Footsteps 2

  Here are two more clips from The Merchant’s House Museum.  These sound like footsteps and should be classified as, “Direct Audio,” and not EVP since all the people who were in the museum heard these as they happened.  We were on the ground floor of the house and heard these coming from the second floor, directly above us.  The first clip was recorded by one recorder and the second clip recorded in a different room by a different recorder.


no bells

STE-009 bells

This is a great example of something being recorded on one recorder and not another.  This was recorded in Seabury’s room on the 2nd floor.  The first clip you will hear John Galvin ask a question with no response.  The second clip you hear the same question but you will hear what sounds like bells ringing right after John asks his question.  Also, remember, each room was equipped with a cord to pull and ring bells when a servant was needed.

MHM Purpose Raw

MHM Purpose Raw 10 db

MHM Purpose servant 20 db

The above EVP was recorded at the Merchant’s House Museum during our year long investigation with reporter, Scott Stifler.  The clip was recorded in the kitchen.  We were trying to make some kind of contact with the cook who psychic, Cathy Towel had made contact with on the previous investigation.  You will hear me ask anybody, “what their purpose,” was in the house.  I’ve posted three versions.  The first is the “raw” audio, the second is the audio boosted by 10db and the third is just the EVP and boosted 20db.  Highlight the area between the asteriks to see what we think we recorded.


Soul Raw

Soul Cleaned Boost 10db

Soul EVP Only Boost 10db (2)

The above audio clip could be an example of a direct answer to a question posed to one of the servants who worked in the Merchant’s House.  On the previous investigation, psychic Cathy Towel believed she had made contact with two of the servants in the servants quarters of the house.  One of the servants apparently told Cathy that she might have been hurt and or bothered in some way by a male in the house, possibly a member of the Tredwell family.  I say possibly because, hey, this is a ghost we might have been talking to.  Anyway, on this investigation we were back in the servants quarters conducting an EVP session.  Mike Gustavson asked if the servant could forgive this person for what he had done.  Again, there are three versions of the clip.  The first is the raw audio, the second is the audion boosted by 10db and the last is the isolated EVP still boosted by 10db.  Highlight the area between the asteriks to hear what we think the answer was.

***Soul should be saved***

front parlor shit

front parlor shit 10db

This is a fun EVP.  This is the first time working with the lovely and talented psychic, Cathy Towle, at the MHM.  We were in the front parlor discussing how it seems we keep hearing one of the TriField EMF meters buzzing.  You will hear MHM Board Member Anthony Bellov, myself and Cathy Towle speaking.  the other voice sounds like a male voice using some salty language.  What’s significant or, at least, interesting to note is; a few week prior to this investigation a very close friend and fellow investigator passed away.  Cathy was not aware as this was the first time I had ever met Cathy.  She kept picking up on a male energy that was attached to me and following us around the house.  Hanging in the backround and laughing his ass off at us.  Now, this friend who passed, he had been to the MHM a number of times and laughing his ass off at us is something he would have been doing.

***Ah, Shit***

servants voice

servants voice 10db

The above clips seem to answer MHM Board Member, Anthony Bellov’s question.  Although I can’t tell what is being said, highlight the area between the two asteriks below and see what most people agree on what’s being said.

***I wish you hadn’t told me about that***

Sony Bump Raw

Zoom Bump Raw

The two above clips are the same audio captured on different recorders.  From an investigation on August 6, 2011.  This clip is from the Master bedroom, otherwise called, Seabury’s room.  6 of us in the room, MHM board member, Anthony Bellov.  Reporter Scott Siffler.  Psychic Medium Cathy Towle.  All around great guy, Mike Gustavson, myself and our guest investigator for the evening, Stephanie.  After about 12 mins in the room a loud bang was heard coming from the door that I was sitting next to.  This door was shut at the time, there was nothing behind the door that could have fallen or crashed into the door.  It just made a noise like it slammed or something slammed into it from the other side (pun intended).  Don’t know really what to make of it other than just another interesting moment at the Merchant’s House Museum.  And couldn’t have asked for a better reaction from Stephanie who, btw, seemed like a seasoned investigator halfway through the night.  And won the Best Dressed award for the investigation.

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