With my dear friend, Loyd Auerbach. Harpers Ferry West,VA

I’m not a big fan of paranormal groups or, “teams”.  There seems to be a gang mentality, especially these days, everybody feels the need to compete against everybody else.  These, “teams,” claim to take the field seriously but put a lot of effort into trying to make others in the field look bad or try to separate themselves from other groups by posting misleading information about themselves and the work they’ve done.  They take credit for the work of others and don’t bring anything original to the field, exactly what a group who claim to take the field seriously should NOT do.  I’ve experienced this firsthand.  Rather than letting the lies said about me or the asinine, attempted boycotts of me influence me in a negative way, I take it as a compliment.  As a good friend once told me, “you have to be the leader, to have someone stab you in the back.”

Carlos Alvarado, Nancy Zingrone, AnnaLisa Ventola, Janet Decker, Loyd Auerbach, Dan Sturges, Russ Noratel, Deonna Kelli Sayed, Vince Wilson, Steve Barrell

So, Sturges Paranormal (not a fan of acronyms) is not a team or group but rather an experiment unto itself.  There are no members.  I investigate with the best people I know and like to investigate with.  Really smart, fun and prolific investigators who investigate with, not only me, but also on their own and with others.  We learn from each other on every investigation and share our opinions, techniques, tips and tricks with fellow investigators from around the world.  We ask our peers to review any data we collect that we feel might be significant. We conduct original experiments with people participating in real time as far away as England.  The people we reach out to for advice are the top scientists in the field of Parapsychology who discuss the work I’m doing here in NYC during their classes and lectures.

with Roger Nelson, creator of The Global Conciousness Project and his lovely wife.

 Sturges Paranormal is one of the only groups in the country to have the unique opportunity to investigate an accredited museum on a regular basis.  The Merchant’s House Museum (29 East 4th St, NYC) has granted unprecedented access to us for the purpose of an open ended investigation of which we are in our 10th year.  I’m not going to list our media mentions here (you can check my bio, if you like,) but we’ve been on all the major TV networks, all the major newspapers, radio programs and magazines including the Letterman Show, The New York Times and The New Yorker.

This website has been put together for people who might be interested in some of the interesting situations that I and my colleagues have found ourselves in.  The world we live in is amazing, we have so much more to learn.



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